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Auto Intoxication- Self poisoning of the body


Why have detox drinks and the idea of detoxification become so popular today? Is it just a fad, or is there some underlying truth to it? The fact is there are scientific reasons behind why detox has gained so much popularity, which is absolutely critical to our daily well being, as well as lifelong prevention of numerous diseases. The condition that detoxification aims to prevent is called, Auto-Intoxication or Self-toxicity.

Self poisoning from within originates in the eliminative system of the body, which consists mainly of the liver and large intestine or colon. If this system becomes sluggish or clogged, it cannot properly process and eliminate food wastes and toxins, which leads to the waste building up in the colon, and starting to decompose and release toxins. This in turn becomes a breeding ground for disease causing bacteria, that constantly produce toxic chemicals in the colon. Not only can this lead to diseases like colon and rectum cancer, but the toxic waste is absorbed by the bloodstream, and carried to every part of the body, in a process of slow poisoning.

This continuous self poisoning leads to a greatly weakened immune system which causes various gastro intestinal diseases like ulcers and appendicitis, arthritis, swelling of hands and feet, cardio vascular diseases like high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, tumors, irritable bowel syndrome and epilepsy.

Initial symptoms to watch out for are bad breath, body odour, smelly feet, gas, bloating, weakness, fatigue, headache and backache, constipation, dry or hard stools, foul-smelling stools, digestive problems, allergies, poor complexion, swelling in legs etc.

No wonder natural healers all over the world say “death begins in the colon”

The root cause of this is faulty diet like eating too much meat, processed foods, carbohydrates, dairy, coffee, alcohol. Such foods put more pressure on the liver. To prevent autointoxication we need to eat plenty of high fiber foods obtained from vegetables and beans. Meat is very low on fiber and is a major cause of constipation. Eating natural probiotic foods like yogurt and drinking enough water is essential for a healthy gut and bowel function.

Thus the idea of detoxification, though beneficial in itself, points to a greater need to pay close attention to our diet, and prevent our bodies from poisoning themselves in the first place.

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