Changing Your Life Style For Better Health

Modern technology and Innovation have undoubtedly enhanced Human life in the present world like never before. However, this fast-paced competitive lifestyle has also led to an array of life threatening diseases which are perpetually on the rise. There seems to be an imperative need to come up with healthy and safe treatments devoid of any harsh or suppressive medicines in order to revive healthy and harmonious life styles. It has become extremely important to design medicines that address the basic cause of a disorder and provide healing, rather than just suppress the symptoms of an affliction.

With this vision in mind, Shreevidya Herbal Research Center was established in the year 2011 to treat patients suffering from life threatening diseases, by working on the root cause of their disorder and provide safe healing options. Various types of cerebro/ neurological disorders, osteoarthritis, menstrual/menopausal problems, and many psychosomatic diseases were studied upon.

Intense researches were conducted formerly for a period of over ten years on Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disorder, Autism, Parkinsonism, before the decision for establishing the institute was finally taken. Researches were also conducted Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, gout and on women centric afflictions such as Perimenopause, Dysmenorrhea and other gynecological issues.

Patients suffering from these disorders often lead a repulsive life because of the modern methods of treatments that essentially include medicines which are not only suppressive in nature but also have damaging side effects that may be irreversible. There is a total lack of an authentic healing system. The immense suffering of such patients needs to be minimized in order to help them live a dignified and peaceful life.

Crucial tests on many patients have been done which have shown promising results in the overall health of the patients undergoing treatment at the SVHRC.

At Shreevidya Herbal Research Center, we firmly believe that every individual deserves to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

Late Shri Harnad Govind Bhat was a Mumbai-based scientist who has been doing comprehensive research since the age of 16 years.

He has carried out extensive research in the field of ‘Pulp and Paper manufacturing’ from the year 1957 onwards, in his own laboratory situated in Ghodbunder village, Thane district at the outskirts of Mumbai, Maharashtra .With a view to establish ecologically feasible options he developed many processes both for Organic and Inorganic chemical Industry. He achieved brilliant success in his research and in the year 1969 he got a Patent in his name for EXTRACTION OF CELLULOSE FROM COCONUT FIBRE AND LIKE FIBROUS MATERIAL vide Patent no: 119278/69.

As an expert, he has been responsible for prescribing and guiding several prominent and renowned companies in the areas of assembly, alignment of framework and methodology related to optimum designing of equipments for managing the chemical processing in the chemical industry.

He has been busy currently with an on-going research on various herbal and safe pharmaceutical options for managing major Cerebro-neurological diseases that have distressed the human life in modern times. Unfortunately, not much has been achieved with respect to the managing of these diseases in the field of medicine till date. With a view to ease suffering and also stabilize the life of patients suffering from these life threatening diseases, Shri.Harnad Govind Bhat has been working meticulously in the field of research in the Pharmaceutical Sector. He has developed herbal compositions for Cerebro-neurological disorders such as MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, AUTISM, ALZEIMER’S DISORDER, and PARKINSONISM.

Late Shri.H.G.Bhat has also developed herbal medicine for OSTEOARTHRITIS, OSTEOPOROSIS, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, GOUT, MENSTRUAL PAIN AND PERIMENOPAUSE and is working towards development of safe herbal medicines for several unmanaged psychosomatic lifestyle disorders in both men and women.

Dr.J.T.Prasad, BAMS (1995), M.D in Alternative Medicine (2002) and a patient of Multiple Sclerosis himself, has been the first patient on whom the herbal treatment has been successfully administered to an extent where he has not had a single attack since the time he has been under treatment. Dr. J.T.Prasad had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the year 1995 and had lost all hope of any kind of improvement in his health. However, the treatment given to him had remarkable results on his health and the M.R.I report taken in the year 2007 showed significant regression of the brain lesions by a whopping 85-90% thereby proving the life-saving nature of this treatment. Dr. J. T. Prasad has since then not only been able to lead a normal life but has also managed a successful medical profession as an Ayurveda Doctor. Dr. J. T. Prasad of age 47years now has been working as a Research Assistant to Shri.H.G.Bhat since the year 2000.